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Andrew Hambly - Innovation Manager

Each industry is unique and our success requires a deep understanding of the challenges you face to reach your goals. JH TESTER has developed a comprehensive portfolio and specific industry expertise in applying technologies to improve machine and manufacturing performance.

JH TESTER understands the strict regulatory compliance associated with food and beverage projects. Our solutions have a direct and immediate impact on material, labour and energy costs to assist our customers to improve throughput, minimize downtime, streamline production and ensure the highest quality of products. We know that uptime and throughput are essential for profitability, in addition to clean design for food safety compliance.
JH TESTER can transform your laboratory space by steadily replacing semi-automatic and manual processes with fully automated systems. Our laboratory automation solutions provide scalable, reliable and flexible automation of almost any laboratory method or process. Our laboratory systems are beneficial in sterile environments, wherein human error is greatly reduced, and time is saved.
Newspapers, magazines and catalogues circulate in a media-intensive environment. To be competitive, JH TESTER understands that your industrial printers must provide high-quality prints at great efficiency. JH TESTER provides state-of-the-art solutions to improve product quality and yield while reducing cost, waste and downtime. We will work with you to introduce the latest technology and upgrade your automated printing machines and equipment.
JH TESTER can assist in every stage of chemical management, from designing the process and specifying the components, to implementation and operation. From specialty chemicals and batch processes to polymers and chemical storage, JH TESTER offers a wide range of solutions to optimise business performance in the chemical industry. JH TESTER will assist your team improve profitability and lower maintenance expense while driving safety, reliability and efficiency.
Production of prefabricated building elements, specifically prefabricated walls, is one of the most promising ways to reduce materials and labour cost and increase construction efficiency. JH TESTER supports the construction industry with special purpose machines solutions that build these prefabricated products faster. Just as efficient prefabricated walls are at building a building, JH TESTER’s special purpose machine solutions help build prefabricated walls more efficiently.
JH TESTER supports the Civil Products industry through the development of special purpose machines and automated control systems to produce engineered steel products. Our solutions for the Civil Products industry assist the production of MASH compliant road safety barriers, carpark & industrial barriers, work zone & traffic control products, delineation and fencing products.
JH TESTER offers automation solutions such as pneumatics, robotics, motion and complete process control. We deliver direct and immediate results on your production performance, quality, safety, and profitability. JH TESTER can provide automotive manufacturers with consistent project delivery across multiple sites, quick adoption of technology, plant-to-plant best practice sharing and project leadership and execution.
JH TESTER supports the water and wastewater treatment industries by delivering a wide range of advanced instrumentation, control and automation technologies. JH TESTER specialises in assisting clients manage their water & wastewater treatment plants safely and in a cost-effective manner. From potable water automation to wastewater treatment, we understand the economic, regulatory and technical demands that influence the water & wastewater industries.
The efficiency and reliability of material handling automation systems often determine the productivity and profitability of a warehouse or distribution centre. Manufacturers want to produce and ship product to customers faster, cheaper and with increased quality. JH TESTER can assist you to improve your operation by finding the optimum configuration of equipment and information technology for an effective automated material handling system.
JH TESTER operates across the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing sectors, where the ability to combine attention to detail and regulatory compliance with rigorous performance, safety and quality standards is paramount. We deliver services ranging from design, procurement and engineering to construction, management and commissioning of unique pharmaceutical automated solutions.
JH TESTER’s mining solutions are designed to be robust with reliability as a key priority in order to drive towards the elimination of down time due to unplanned maintenance. Through decades of experience in the mining industries, we have developed a high level of expertise spanning a wide scope of control systems and process automation applications. Our proven project management and execution methodology ensures minimal interruption to critical processes.
In a world of complex environmental and infrastructure challenges, JH TESTER applies ingenuity, innovative technologies, and customer focus to deliver balanced solutions that meet your specific business priorities. Infrastructure as an industry has a legacy and a future of innovation including the specialized vehicles that make up the "ground support equipment" manufacturing industry. JH TESTER has supported this industry for years our state of the art specialised machines and control systems.